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The meeting Chris has called to order is being held in Hangar 2, where the S.T.A.R.S. road vehicle motor pool is stored in inclement weather.

There are three sets of aluminum high-school style bleachers for people to sit on. On the floor is a fold out wooden table, where Chris has set up a projector.

Here Chris waits, decked out in his black tactical vest and matching fatigues, along with a pair or mirror shades and his new paratrooper boots. Ironically, he's dressed very much like Wesker would be.
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'Tis the Season, Damn It

Claire has been busy.

The mess hall has a big aluminum tree set up in one corner, with a few boxes of ornaments and a roll of tinsel set up on a table next to it, and a few gift-wrapped presents underneath it.

The kitchen is currently hosting one of Claire's yearly traditions: the quest to make eggnog somehow worth drinking. Right now, it's involving a lot of bourbon.

The base's PA system is playing what sounds like the Ramones' Christmas album.

Get into the spirit. Or else.

((Getcher socks on!))

It's a cold day at the STARS base. It's in pretty good shape now! Unfortunately, not everyone's home.

Outside is the training grounds. Noticeable is a small, comparatively inexpensive, and slightly aged UH-1 Iroquois: still good, but quite used. It's primarily on loan for drills later in the week, and because someone's not aware of Chris' recent conversion of a helicopter to a deadly weapon and thinks he needs to be able to run through a little practice of his own*.

The phone is ringing. . . and ringing. . . and--someone get the phone already!

((*Or some other reasonable helicopter handwavings LOL? :D?))

((Will is not present and will not be for at least three hours, so we're not going to VROOM RIGHT NOW, but we are now greenlit for social RP and laying of plans.))
calm yet uncommunicative

In Over His Head

David gets out of the car and takes a look around.

The base comes more or less as advertised: hot, not much to look at, middle of nowhere.

Without a word to whoever drove him here from the airport, he gets his overnight bag and toolbox from the back of the car. He might as well get some idea of just how big the job really is.

((David's poking around the base now. Say hello if you want.))