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Surviving Horror
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This is a Livejournal-based roleplaying community based on the Resident Evil video game franchise, spun off from the cracklike goings-on at communities like dear_multiverse.

Community membership is moderated. To play, create (or recycle) a journal for the character of your choice; any character from a Resident Evil game is allowed, including minor characters, but crossover characters are not.

If you wish to play a character that's deceased or otherwise indisposed, you can opt to work your character in as part of a plot arc (we have several in the works) or simply LOL it into existence as one would on dear_multiverse and related comms. LOLing will be sort of handwaved on survivinghorror, but hey, whatever gets you into the game.

Characters from the films are only allowed if they are adapted to the gameverse. OCs are tentatively allowed, subject to approval by the moderators.

You may select a PB for your character, use game art for icons, or use no icons at all. Do as you like.

How to Play:

Think of this like a round-robin writing project, as seen on communities like jla_watchtower. survivinghorror is set in 2006, as the STARS reunite and train as a unit to finally overcome Wesker and his reborn Umbrella. Plots will be high on characterization, drama, action, and above all else, survival horror.

You can conduct a scene from any point in the Resident Evil franchise; just be sure to label it with the appropriate tags, and a note concerning who is allowed to contribute to the thread. One-on-one RP and private scenes should be kept to personal journals, but important or open threads are welcome here.

(Note that this community began as a comm for RPing in the Outbreak universe; the earliest posts deal with this.)

Game Concept:

The year is 2006. Chris Redfield has become the captain of a reunited STARS team, put together as a division of the U.S. Strategic Command. Operating out of a renovated army base in the Arizona desert, the new STARS have been trained and equipped to combat biohazards nationwide.

Taken Characters:

Chris Redfield: starspointman
Jill Valentine: starsescapist
Leon Kennedy: governmentninja
Claire Redfield: finalgirl
Rebecca Chambers: new_medic
Rebecca Chambers (AU): starsmedic
Kevin Ryman: sonotastars
David King: unavailable
Yoko Suzuki: memory_blank
George Hamilton: borrowing_time - UP FOR ADOPTION
Alyssa Ashcroft: tabloid_rasa
Mark Wilkins: donutsinthewire - UP FOR ADOPTION
Cindy Lennox: healing_smile - UP FOR ADOPTION
Linda Devereaux: closed_umbrella
Billy Coen: smokeandsand
Albert Wesker: dasgottesurteil
William Birkin: williambirkin
Ada Wong: rogue_in_red
Carlos Oliveira: gunsakimbo - UP FOR ADOPTION
Jack Krauser: all_scarry_eyed
Luis Sera: sexy_spaniard
Ingrid Hunnigan: pro_voice
Sherry Birkin: codename_devil
Agent HUNK: deathcannotdie
Annette Danvers (formerly Annette Birkin): onceanassistant
Brad Vickers: cowardlypilot - deceased
Bruce McGivern: not_a_dongua - UP FOR ADOPTION
Kenneth Sullivan: kennethsullivan - deceased

Note that as this is a game set in a multiverse, multiple versions of a character as well as characters who are supposedly dead are both allowed. Their presence will simply be handwaved as an "AU," as per the general rule as dear_multiverse, unless you provide an explanation of your own (i.e. retconning a character's death). Note that the moderators reserve the right to step in if a retcon is very very silly, such as Marvin Branagh not dying in RE2; I mean, come on, didn't everybody decapitate him?


1 - Community Rules:

- As always, please treat your fellow players with respect. We're not looking to crack down on little details (you can cuss, etc.) but please be considerate.

- OOC drama should be kept to an absolute minimum. 90% of OOC drama seems to come from people not talking to one another when they should. If you have a problem with another player, go to that player and work it out in private. Failure to do this, if it leads to problems, may be met with bannination.

- There is a single golden rule of RP; ICA = ICC, or "In-Character Actions = In-Character Consequences." This really just basically means if you get your character killed, you can't remake them, retcon, or whathaveyou. If you plunge them into a street full of zombies solo, they'll probably die. If they betray the team, somebody will probably shoot them, and et cetera. Please keep this in mind, because as we all know, roleplaying on the internet is Serious Business.

- The mods reserve the last call on the fate of your character/the outcome of a scene. This doesn't mean we'll try to hijack your threads and control it, but if it doesn't make any sense or is unfair to other players (within reason), we'll probably tell you to knock it off.

- As said above, no original characters unless authorized by the moderators. That said, the mods are very, very wary of OCs; chances are about 90% of them won't be approved. Think small, and if possible, claim a character that's actually from the games. Joke characters like Tofu or Mr. Gold are not allowed.

- All players must submit an application. This includes for PCs [the main characters from the game]. You can find the form inside. It's pretty painless--just a few lines so you can catch us up to speed.

- Please try to use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling to make comprehending your posts easier for other players.

- This is a basic rule, but one that often has to be repeated; please, PLEASE do not "call shots" against other players. Just because you shoot at someone doesn't mean they automatically die. As was said earlier, it is the mod's call if an action--if in question--goes through, if a course of action is too far-fetched, etc.

- Last but not least, the LJ-cut is your friend. Anything past two paragraphs should be LJ-cut, using the standard code (the FAQ entry can be found here). Please put large graphics behind the cut. Spoilers must be cut as well, but ideally, you should know that stuff already--some material here may be inherently spoiler-ish, so be warned.

2 - Copyright

- Resident Evil and all of the games, characters, events, trademarks and related components are copyright of Capcom. None of us own the characters, none of us lay legal claim to any of this that is not created ourselves (such as posts, OCs). This is strictly for fun!

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